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Training & Development

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Auphan Software is expanding rapidly across Canada, United States, and Internationally in Asia. We plan to meet these demands with new products and software applications and services. Achieving our growth goals means hiring great team members who can adapt and grow with our change.This is why we provide numerous opportunities for our new hires and team members to grow in their positions and develop a career. Many in the highest positions have started out in sales, software engineering and support! Everyone has an opportunity to succeed.

Learning and Training

Each region is overseen by a regional manager who is responsible for overseeing  and managing daily operations and training of all new and existing members. Regional meetings are held every week. 
Moving Around and Up

Our offices are located throughout United States, Canada, Asia so team members may transfer to another area. We believe that those who work their way up through the company have a natural advantage and we naturally promote from within. We also appreciate new talent and expertise that we bring from outside our company and networks.