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Auphan Dining Mobile Ordering Handheld

Auphan Software is pleased to announce that Auphan Dining Mobile Handheld application for the Ipod has been approved and is now available for download at Apple's Application store.  Auphan Dining Mobile allows restaurant servers the ability use a handheld for ordering.  The handheld is used in conjunction with the Auphan Dining POS System to place orders, view prices, apply discounts and send print orders to the kitchen or bar. This application can be used on any iPhone or iTouch device. The iPhone complements the point-of-sale system to help improve speed of service at the table for users.

Information available at:     
Auphan Dining Mobile at Apple iTunes

(iTunes needed to view link, download here)

For more information on how you can activate Auphan Dining Mobile on your device please contact our office at 1-888-618-6688.

Post January 16, 2009